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Midway Vendor /Building Vendors Addendum

Security Deposits
  1. Security deposits – Will be returned at the close of the fair if vendor has met all requirements.
  2. If information sheet is missing, deposit will be forfeited.
  3. Deposits will not be carried over to future years.
Vehicle and Stock Trailer Parking/Camping
  1. All stock trailers must fit within your 20X20 space as specified by the coordinator. Only certain spots on the midway allow for stock trailer parking. These spots are determined by the coordinator. If your trailer does not fit inside your 20x20 spot it will need to be parked in the designated parking area and will need a stock trailer pass for $20.00. These can be purchased when checking in. No stock trailers are allowed on camping sites unless approved by coordinator.
  2. Vendors must park on designated grass areas only. No parking around buildings or on the midway is allowed.
  3. Campers must have a camping pass openly displayed on their camper. You must have verbal confirmation from the coordinator prior to placing your campers in the camping area. Vehicles must fit with in your designated camping area. Vehicles parked in the grassy areas outside of the camping area must display a parking pass.
Set –Up
  1. Midway Vendors must be completely set up by Tuesday at 5pm. You can start arriving on the Monday prior to that start of the fair. Earlier arrival must be confirmed with the fair coordinator. Arrival after 1 pm Monday or Tuesday will result in no assistance getting trailer into place.
  2. Building Vendors can start to set up Tuesday prior to the fair from noon – 8pm and Wednesday from 10am until 3pm. Arrival outside of these times must be pre-arranged with the fair coordinator.
  3. Vendors must wear name badge at all times during the fair. These will be issued when checking in if you don’t have a company tag of your own.
  4. No tables or chairs are provided.
  5. There will be an inspection by the fire chief, Wednesday, time to be determined. Each food/midway vendor must be available for this inspection. Time will be posted on check in day
  6. All midway/food stands must have an operating fire extinguisher within their selling unit. This will be checked.
  7. No frayed extension cords allowed.
  1. Every vendor must fill out a Wisconsin Temporary Event form and have it returned before the start of setting up. Along with food license and proof of liability insurance naming Langlade County fair as add’l insured.

Soda/Water Sales
  1. Any vendor selling soda must stop at the fair office after 7pm on Sunday, the closing day of the fair, to pay any outstanding soda bill. This needs to be done before leaving the grounds. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of security deposit and vendor may not be allowed back for future years if any outstanding balance.
Sanitation/Garbage removal
1. All grease and grey water must be deposited into the designated container located on the grounds. Do not dump down sewer drains. Non-compliance of this guideline is forfeiture of security deposit.
2. All cardboard must be broken down prior to placing in it the designated garbage containers.
3. All garbage must be removed from your selling area at the close of each night or before the opening of the next day. Do not let it accumulate around your area. Dispose of all garbage in the proper containers.
4. All water hoses must fit securely. Leaking hoses will be asked to be removed or fixed.
I agree to the terms and conditions

Rhonda Klement
Fair Coordinator
Langlade County Fair
2018 Fair

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