Thrills, Squeals, and Ferris Wheels!

Key Request Form

All keys will require the user to place a $50.00 Key Deposit. Please bring a check written out to Langlade County for your key deposit. (This check will be destroyed when keys are returned)
Upon issuance of key(s), I agree:
  • not to give or loan the key to others;
  • not to copy, alter, duplicate, or reproduce the key;
  • to use the key for authorized purposes only;
  • to safeguard and store the key securely;
  • to immediately report any lost or stolen keys;
  • to produce or surrender the key upon the County's request;
  • if the key is not surrendered, when requested, the key security deposit of $ 50 will be kept.
  • Keys must be returned back with in 3 days of the close of your event
Keys are to be picked up and turn in at the Langlade County Forestry office. Located on the fairgrounds (1633 Neva Rd. Antigo)
Please call prior to picking up to verify the keys are ready. 715-627-6300

Keys being requested and areas

Keys will not be issued more than 5 days prior.
If you have multiple key requests for numerous people handling your event. Please contact us to request additional forms and to discuss your overall key needs.
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