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Indoor Vendor

Multi Purpose/Commercial Building
Langlade County Fair
To rent space on the Langlade County Fairgrounds for the period of July 25 - July 28, 2024

This contract is subject to the following regulations:
  1. Lessee is entitled to one pre-sale parking passes with paid space. Additional passes can be purchased for $5.00 a piece Tuesday and Wednesday in the same week of the start of the fair. Rental space is to be paid in full before passes are issued.
  2. All spaces will be assigned on a first come first serve basis based on choices made by the lessee. In the result of two vendors wanting the same space and forms being returned at the same time space will be determined by seniority.
  3. Any lessee requesting electrical service will pay an additional $15 per space.
  4. Lessee shall abide by all exclusives set forth by Langlade County Fair.
  5. Brochure racks or a similar substitute must be used in booths that are not supervised. Failure to control literature or merchandise in your booth will result in a $50.00 clean up fine deducted from security deposit.
  6. No live animals shall be sold or exhibited in space.
  7. All vendors must check in with the fair coordinator upon arrival to the fairgrounds prior to setting up. At this time the vendor will pay any remaining fees. After fees are paid in full and all required paperwork is on file with the coordinator, vendor will receive space assignment and collect parking passes, and name tags. All vendors must be wearing a name tag at all times.
  8. Such space as may be let under this contact shall remain under the control of the Langlade county Fair, and the lessee shall not assign said space, or any portion thereof, for any purpose whatsoever without the written consent of the proper officers of the Fair. Any violation of this provision shall immediately forfeit this lease and the privileges sold under it.
  9. Default in the payment of any portion of the within specified consideration when the same shall fall due, shall void the tenure of this contract, and shall give the youth fair the right to repossess such space without legal process, with or without notice. All monies forfeited to the association without recourse on the part of the lessee.
  10. The Langlade County Fair shall not be responsible for any breech of the law by the lessee or his servants, and the lessee agrees to fully indemnify the Fair for any loss or damage resulting from negligence on the part of himself or of is employees.
  11. The proper officers of the Fair shall have the right to specifically designate the space to be let under the terms of this contract.
  12. The space to be occupied under the terms of this lease must be occupied by the lessee no later than 5pm on the wednesday before the start of the fair, and remain in place until the close of the fair, 6pm Sunday, unless specific statement in writing shall be made for the later occupancy and, in the event lessee fails to comply with this provision, all monies (including security deposit) that have been paid under the terms of this contract shall become forfeited to the Fair and the lessee may be declined from future fairs.
  13. The lessee agrees to peaceably surrender possession of the space described in this lease in the event of failure to comply with any of its provisions upon demand of the Fair, and further agrees to waive all damages or claims in the event such demands shall be made.
  14. The Fair reserves the right to cancel this contract if, in the judgment of the proper officers the business or exhibition carried on by the lessee, or the manner of conducting the same shall be objectionable to the public, or not as represented at the time this contract is signed, or does not in every way comply with state requirements. In event of cancellation, all payments previously made thereon shall become forfeited to the Fair.
  15. The Lessee agrees to conduct the business or exhibition described in this contract wholly within the space rented, in no instance will walking privileges be granted.
  16. The Fair shall have a lien upon the goods, lumber, stand, and implements used in the operation of the privilege granted under the terms of this contract, and the same shall not be removed from the grounds until full payment of the contract is acknowledged by the proper officer of the Fair. In the event of default in any payment, the proper officer of the Fair may take possession of said goods, lumber, stand, and implements, and sell the same at public sale, applying the proceeds to the payment of said contract price, paying any amount received above its claim to the lessee or his agents.
  17. The lessee agrees that his property will be removed from the grounds of the Fair within twenty four hours after the close of the Fair, and that all accumulations as a result of his occupancy shall be disposed of under the direction of Fair Coordinator.
  18. All amplification systems are to be operated under the supervisions of the Fair Coordinator and lessee agrees to observe rules and regulations in this respect which provide that sets are to be kept tuned to volume that will not annoy competitive concessions or the public. The authorized officers of the Fair shall be the sole judge as to what shall and what shall not constitute a nuisance in this respect.
  19. Lessee shall provide proof of Liability coverage listing Langlade County Fair as additional insured. Liability coverage shall be no less than 1,000,000.
  20. Lessee shall not solicit outside of their selling area.


Midway Vendor /Building Vendors Addendum

Security Deposits

  • Security deposits – The deposit will be refunded back to the credit card used in the initial payment.

Vehicle and Stock Trailer Parking/Camping

1. All stock trailers must fit within your 20X20 space as specified by the coordinator. Only certain spots on the midway allow for stock trailer parking. Parking stock trailers inside your designated area must be preapproved with the fair coordinator. If your trailer does not fit inside your 20x20 spot it will need to be parked in the designated parking area and will need a stock trailer pass for $20.00. These can be purchased when checking in. No stock trailers are allowed on camping sites unless approved by coordinator.

2. Each vendor will receive one parking pass per paid space.

3. Vendors must park on designated grass areas only. No parking around buildings or on the midway is allowed.

4. Campers must have a camping pass openly displayed on their camper. You must have verbal confirmation from the coordinator prior to placing your campers in the camping area. Vehicles must fit inside your designated camping area. Vehicles parked in the grassy areas outside of the camping area must display a parking pass.

Set –Up

1. Midway Vendors must be completely set up by Wednesday at 3pm. You can start arriving on the Monday prior to that start of the fair. Earlier arrival must be confirmed with the fair coordinator. Arrival after 1 pm Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will result in no assistance getting trailer into place.

2. Building Vendors can set-up Tuesday and Wednesday from noon – 7pm. Arrival outside of these times must be pre-arranged with the fair coordinator.

3. Vendors must wear a name badge or apparel displaying business logo/name at all times during the fair. This will help fair personnel identify you as being a vendor while in your booth.

4. No tables or chairs are provided.

5. There will be an inspection by the fire chief, usually Wednesday afternon, time to be determined. Each food/midway vendor must be available for this inspection. Time will be posted on check in day

6. All midway/food stands must have an operating fire extinguisher within their selling unit. This will be checked.

7. No frayed extension cords allowed.

Soda/Water Sales

  • Any vendor selling soda/water must stop at the fair office after 7pm on Sunday, the closing day of the fair, to pay any outstanding soda bill. This needs to be done before leaving the grounds. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of security deposit and vendor may not be allowed back for future years if any outstanding balance.

Sanitation/Garbage removal

1. All grease and grey water must be deposited into the designated containers located on the grounds. Do not dump down sewer drains. Non-compliance of this guideline is forfeiture of security deposit.

2. All cardboard must be broken down prior to placing in it the designated garbage containers.

3. All garbage must be removed from your selling area at the close of each night or before the opening of the next day. Do not let it accumulate around your area. Dispose of all garbage in the proper containers.

4. All water hoses must fit securely. Leaking hoses will be asked to be removed or fixed.

5.All grease must be removed disposed of in the proper containers prior to leaving the grounds. No leaving containers next to the dumpster is allowed.

Selling area appearance

  • All areas must be kept clean and tidy during opening hours. Condiment stations, counters, and other areas must be wiped down regularly and clear of debris.
  • Areas using grease fryers must cover the blacktop area and not allow the grease to cover the ground. Blacktop in your area should appear the same as when you arrive as it did when you leave.
Do you agree to the terms of the addendum?

Please specify which building you prefer to be housed in. Preference will be given, based on availability.

If not specified, you will be placed in the Commercial Building.

Items sold or displayed in rental space only. Only the items listed below will be allowed.

No live animals to be displayed or sold.

The names of all winners must be provided to the fair when drawn.

Each vendor must show proof of liability insurance for 1,000,000 minimum. The proof must also list "Langlade County Fair" as additional insured iin the box above the certificate holder box. If you do not hold liability insurance you can be added to the fair's policy for the cost of $75.00. This option is only offered to vendors offering non-perishable items. Vendors will not be allowed to set up without this proof being on file.
Insurance options - One must be checked to proceed.

Proof of Liability Insurance upload Langlade Cnty Fair must be added as add'l insured
Liability Insurance to purchase
Liablity Insurance
This fee will add your business to our liablity policy if you are unable to obtain liability coverage.

Wisconsin Temporary Seller Information

This Information is required under sec. 73.03(38), Wis. Stats.


A “seller” is defined as a person or entity involved with selling merchandise or providing taxable services at a temporary event. A seller may also be referred to as a vendor, exhibitor, or booth owner.

Important: This form is not an application for a Wisconsin Tax Account Number. If you do not already have a tax account number but are required to, you will need to apply for one directly with the Department of Revenue prior to the event. You can apply online or download an application, Application for Business Tax
Registration (Form BTR-101) on the department’s website, revenue.wi.gov/forms/sales/index.html. Not all sellers are required to obtain a Wisconsin tax account number. Some of the reasons a seller may not need a tax account number are:
• The seller only sells tax-exempt items, such as vegetables for home consumption.
• The seller is only displaying at the event, no onsite orders are being taken, and taxable merchandise is not later shipped into Wisconsin.
• The seller qualifies for the occasional sale exemption. (See Publication 228, Temporary Events.)

If you have questions regarding applying for a Wisconsin tax account number, contact any Department of Revenue office, visit our website, or call (608) 266-2776.
Choose one

Booths=10 deep by 10 wide. No chairs or tables are provided.

Booth fee: Starting at $150.00 per booth increasing in June and July. Choose appropriate fee to corresponde with today's date.
Electrical Booth: $15 per booth.

Location choices (see specific building layout)
Indoor Vendor Booth Please choose the item corresponding to the current date.
adjust quantity as needed
Indoor Vendor Booth
10x10 Indoor Booth
Mar 30 - May 31, 2024
Indoor Vendor Booth/June
10x10 Indoor Booth
June 01 - June 30, 2024
Indoor Vendor Booth/July
10x10 Indoor Booth
July 01 - July 24, 2024
Indoor Booth Electrical
Each 110 outlet is $15.00
Machinery Row
Machinery Row
Running frontage is $5.00 a foot.
Security Deposit
A $50.00 deposit is required of all vendors.
I agree to all terms of the agreement.
All booths must be paid, in full, on-line. This information will not submit without payment. Booth is not secured without this form and payment.

All booths are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

There are no exclusives given to non-food items sold by vendors. A "best effort" will be made to avoid duplication of products.
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