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To become a vendor at the fair:
1. All vendors must fill out and submit all four forms listed under their appropriate type of vendor. Exception: FFA, Optimists, Lions, Phlox Flames, and Elks. See forms under organizations.
2. All vendors must upload proof of 1,000,000 dollars of liability insurance. It must state "Langlade County Fair" as additional insured. This is different than showing the fair as the certificate holder. Being listed as the certificate holder does not satisfy this requirement.
3. For food vendors, you must also upload your food license.
4. All vendors must pay on-line. This must be completed for the "information and fee" form to be submitted.

Any vendor failing to submit all required documents and payment will not have a secured space until the requirements are met.

See Addendum form for set up and tear down times and other specifics of being a vendor at the fair.

Indoor Vendors

Midway Vendors

FFA, Optimists, Lions, Elks, Phlox Flames
Upon receiving these three forms along with insurance and licensing (if you have prior to the fair) you will be emailed your contract. This must be signed and emailed back.
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