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Exhibiting at the Fair

Exhibiting is open to all Langlade Cty residents

  • The Fair Book is a list of items that can be entered at the fair to be judged. Please follow the guidelines listed in the book.
  • Fair Entry is the on-line software that allows you to sign up to exhibit at the fair. You must be signed up through Fair Entry to enter exhibits at the fair.
  • No handwritten entry forms will be accepted. All exhibitors must sign up on-line.
***A few navigation tips to using the Fairbook online***
  • ~On Page 2 there is a Table of Contents which is interactive. Click on the Content/Department you are looking at and it will automatically take you to that section of the book.
    ~Pressing "Ctrl" and "F" (at the same time) will give you a search box which will find any word in the Fairbook for you. Type the keyword you are looking for and it will take you to everywhere that word is in the book by using the arrows (< >) to navigate to the next spot in the book.

For questions regarding how to exhibit at the fair please contact Paula Royce 715-216-8842 or

Entering Exhibits to show at the Fair

JULY 1 DEADLINE All entries must be entered into FairEntry (listed below) before July 1st of the current year. This is a hard deadline. There are not exceptions for missing the date. Please be accurate in your entries into Fair Entry. These will not be corrected or modified after July 1. Please do not wait until June 30th to start your entries, start early.
All entries must be done on-line. No written or verbal entries will be accepted.
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